Testimony Of A Patient Cured Of Cervical Cancer At Ekenna Natures

Testimony Of A Patient Cured Of Cervical Cancer At Ekenna Natures

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I was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix, which was confirmed by biopsy. Other  Laboratory investigations carried out after the biopsy showed that some of my organs may have been affected.My womb was removed but after four (4)months, I started having bloody discharge from my vagina.The only solution was chemotherapy but due to the pains, I passed through the process of chemotherapy but declined further exposure to radiation.I was in this hopeless condition until my student whom I had taught years back and had passed through this treatment course directed me to Ekenna Natures Ltd. On reaching the clinic I met Pharm.Ekenna, after his examination, he assured me that within six months of the treatment, my case will be resolved. I commenced the treatment immediately, which I followed religiously. After few months of treatment, I noticed the bleeding had stopped, and the palpitation and weakness were no longer there.

Exactly six months of the treatment course, Pharm.Ekenna sent me for a scan, giving me the option to choose any radiologist. I went to the same doctor who diagnosed me earlier of cancer of the cervix but was astonished to find out that there was neither an evidence of regrowth nor spread seen. In addition, my liver, spleen, kidney, and gut are sonographically normal.

To God be the glory



Medical Laboratory Results Before And After Treatment

Here are the medical laboratory results of the tests carried out on the woman before and after she commenced treatment.





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  1. Chidi April 21, 2018 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    I witnessed this testimony. Thanks to Pharm Ekenna,whom God has used to deliver this woman from excruciating pains of cance and total cure.Sir more grease to ur elbow.

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