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The blogger award-winning blog, Nature and Health is a health blog that provides detailed information about healthy foods, recipes, fitness and natural remedies for various ailments. Nature and Health is all about a love for healthy living the natural way.

Jessica Ijezie began her Nature and Health blogging journey in 2013. She started out writing health articles just because of her passion for writing. As a medical biochemist and naturopathic physician, she had a lot of passion for nature and health.

Getting a space in the blogosphere was a dream come true for her, because it has been her dream to share useful health information with people all over the world.

In 2017, she decided to take blogging as a full time job. Mid- April 2017, her blog was approved by Google Adsense and at the same month honored with three blogger awards. So far so good, the journey has been an awesome one. Beside being a health blogger, biochemist and naturopathic physician, Jessica Ijezie is also an affiliate marketer for Konga, Jumia, and Amazon, and a writer for Fiverr, Blasting news, Hub page and Vocal.

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